Now you, too, can become a part of our skin, hand, and nail care revolution! You will become a nail care specialist to the world, provide customized programs for your clients, and best of all – you will own your very own business!

Suppose we only brushed our teeth the night before a party or washed our hair to pamper ourselves? Not only would this be strange, but signs of neglect would be evident, why then is it common to assume that hand and nail care should be reserved only for special occasions or pampering sessions?

These questions are what led ATiR Natural Nail Care Clinic founder, Rita Lampkin, to open her first natural nail care clinic in 1989. An avid acrylic nail wearer in the 1980's, Rita was disappointed to see the condition that artificial products left her hands and nails in. She also learned that serious health concerns surround artificial nail use.

Through her pursuit to seek out and provide maintenance-cure solutions, rather than cosmetic cover-ups for herself and her loyal clients, she has developed her special 4 Part Program, which is offered in ATiR Natural Nail Care Clinics. If you are led by passion and would like to own your very own natural nail salon with the use of our exclusive products and 30+ years of education, then this concept is for you!


For more information about exploring this truly extraordinary business opportunity, or to inquire about wholesale opportunities, simply fill out the form below, or contact our founder.

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